Enjoy a digital version of your printed photos, slides and negatives (black and white or colour) thanks to our high-definition digitisation service.

  • Your originals are carefully prepared and cleaned before being digitised.
  • Once scanned, the colorimetry is corrected and integrated into the files.
  • The various levels in the images are individually checked by hand.
  • Any imperfections and “dust” caused by the digitisation process are then eliminated.
  • This guarantees a high-quality product and files which are ready for publishing or printing.


Digitisation of a full uncut strip of negatives

135 or 120 colour or black and white films.
Delivered in 300 dpi, jpeg or tiff. Raw files, cropped with color correction and dust base.


135 mm digitalisation
20x30 30x45
1 40.- 50.-
120 mm digitalisation
4.5x6   25x33
6x6   25x25
6x7   25x29
6x9   25x37.5
6x12*   25x50
Tarif   45.-
Single photo scanning (135 or 120 mm film)
1   8.-


Reproduction in medium-format 150 Mpx digital

For very large format

Shooting at 150 Mpx 135 120 4x5''
  50.- 50.- 50.-


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Prices include VAT. Members of the USPP, STRATES and NEAR, as well as photography students (ECAL / CEPV) receive a 20% discount.