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Atelier Delachaux Photographie offers a full-spectrum service to meet all your photography needs.

- Development of black and white film, colour negatives (C41) and slides (E6)

- Development of Super 8mm reels in black and white, colour negatives (ECN2) and slides (E6)

- Digitisation of your photos and films in high resolution

- Ultrachrome inkjet printing on FineArt and photo paper

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The chemical development process is indispensable, revealing the images on your films and protecting them from light. This is what allows you to see your photos on film.

Your negatives and positives, whether in black and white or colour (slides, reversibles) are developed with precision in formats from 135 and 120 to 4x5”, 5x7” and 8x10”.

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When you digitise your film, you’ll have a digital copy of your images that you can airbrush, modify, print, archive or even publish online.

The scanners in the laboratory will transform your colour and black and white negatives and positives (plus your colour slides) into high-resolution digital images.

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Printing is the ideal way to maximise the impact of your photos and illustrations, embedding their emotions directly onto high-quality paper. The laboratory takes great care to ensure colour accuracy, guaranteeing a result that matches your vision.

Thanks to the wide range of printing technologies available, you can benefit from a variety of print formats up to 160 cm wide.

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