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VACANCES JUILLET 2024 (plus d'info)


Trust an experienced laboratory to develop your black and white and colour negatives (C41) and slides (E6) according to your specific needs. You can choose from a wide range of different formats: 135 and 120 films, and sheet films measuring 4x5”, 13x18” and 20x25”.

Development of Super 8mm reels is also offered in black and white, color negatives (ECN2) and slides (E6).

The laboratory has developed a series of high-precision techniques to handle custom projects. As such, we can offer special treatments to integrate a deliberate change of exposure. For example, we can push the film (over-developing it) to recover images when the film was originally used for a different purpose.



  • By post, in a bubble-wrapped envelope (or the envelope provided).
  • Directly to the laboratory.
  • In an envelope in the Kodak box at the entrance.
  • Don’t forget to write your contact details and the work you want done.


  • Your pictures will be ready in no more than 7 days.
  • Films are developed every Tuesday.
  • The deadline to drop off your film is Monday at 5pm.


  • By post.
  • Directly at the shop from Wednesday.
  • Please say how you would like your pictures delivered when you place your order.

Price list

  120 and 135 films 4x5’‘ sheet film 5x7’‘ sheet film (13x18) 8x10’‘ sheet film (20x25)
Black and white and C41 colour 12.- 10.- 12.- 16.-
Black and white and C41 colour (over-developed) 20.- 16.- 18.- 22.-
E6 colour 25.- 18.- 25.- 30.-
E6 colour (over-developed) 30.- 25.- 29.- 34.-
  Black and White ECN2 E6
Development of Super 8mm Reels 45.- 45.- 45.-

Prices include VAT. Members of the SIYU, STRATES and NEAR, as well as photography students (ECAL / CEPV) receive a 20% discount. Deliveries are protected with Pergamine paper. An additional charge applies for deliveries (5.-)