Film processing

Develeoppement Film

Do you like silver? Then you are at the right address!
In our laboratory we develop your color negative (C-41), color positive (E-6) or black & white films.
- Development of your films 135 (35mm), 120, 4x5", 5x7" and 8x10" (delivered cut under pergamine)
- Quick Scan for Film 135
- High resolution scan
- Draw 10x15, 13x18, 15x21, 21x30 digital (it is necessary to digitize to make prints)
How it works?
You can visit us or send us your films in a bubble envelope at:
Atelier Delachaux Photography, Luca Delachaux, Rue de Genève 90, 1004 Lausanne.
The laboratory is in operation every Tuesday, so your orders will be processed within a maximum of 6 working days.
Delivery by mail or by hand on Wednesday morning.


Price with VAT for color film developing or B / W:

  FILM 135 FILM 120 Sheet 4X5" Sheet 5X7" Sheet 8X10"

Normal development

rate NB and C41

11.- 11.- 9.- 12.- 16.-

Push development

rate NB and C41

18.- 18.- 15.- 18.- 22.-

Normal development

rate E6

22.- 22.- 18.- 25.- 30.-

To offer the best development of the region, controlling our chemistry is permanent.


USPP, STRATES and NEAR members as well as photography students (ECAL / CEPV) benefit from a 20% discount on laboratory fees.


Price List 2021